Interim Lawyers – what are we all about?

Interim Lawyers – what are we all about?

Interim Lawyers is a locum solicitor platform, online for many years and serving the legal profession in the UK and overseas with the provision of short term and long term cover by locum solicitors.

The platform is owned and operated by the Ten Percent Group and the company has been in existence since April 2000.

Some years ago we realised there was  a gap in the market for an online operation staffed by recruitment consultants who do not spend their lives telephoning and annoying their clients, something that is quite endemic in the industry.

At Interim Lawyers we contact our clients regularly as needed, but only by email wherever possible, which means a client does not have to drop what they are doing to speak to us each time we get in touch. This is the heart of our business – client care. We want our clients to find that they have a need for staff, contact us and get that cover arranged as quickly as possible. It is the aim of our service – fast responses with the provision of quality solicitors to cover assignments.

We vet all our locums to ensure that your work is done to a high standard whilst you are not there, and we are open and honest with all our clients and candidates as to what information we have, and that we are lacking.

Locums can be assured that we will always tell them if there have been issues with a firm in the past, for example for non-payment, or serious complaints or poor working conditions. Similarly, we’ll always tell a firm if we have had a complaint about a locum or the service they provided has not been up to expectations.

Our motto is honesty. Even if it is against our interests financially we will always tell locums and law firms as much information as we can about a potential locum or locum assignment.

We try to ensure that all our locums have references on file, proof of ID, proof of residence, evidence of a current practising certificate and a background check undertaken by one of our specialist consultants who goes into some depth in researching each locum’s history.

The cost of using our service is fairly minimal as we take a percentage fee and calculate it on a monthly basis. We try to keep the locum rates down to a competitive level as much as possible, but we do not set levels for our locums – they decide how much to charge.

Every week we produce a new candidate update and send it round to over 7000 law firms and every month we produce the Legal Recruitment News, which contains the current locum solicitor hourly rates, a legal job market update and articles on the legal profession for the recruitment of solicitors.

We are fairly unique in that we donate 10% of our profits to charity every year and have done so since 2000, raising over £100,000 to date for the Ten Percent Foundation, a charitable Trust that distributes the money raised by the companies in the Ten Percent Group.

For details of our locum services to in-house legal departments, local authorities and private practice solicitor firms, please visit or email


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