Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Chancery Lane is a legal jobs board owned and operated by the Ten Percent Group, a privately owned group of websites based in the UK. The jobs board is aimed at advertising solicitor, legal executive and experienced fee earner vacancies, and you can post vacancies quickly and easily to the site.

How long have you been around?

Since 2004. We have recently upgraded the site to use the most uptodate job board software as our old systems were getting a little bit tired!

Can I register my CV with your CV Bank?

No – we are a job board only. We see no point in CV Banks – in our experience as legal recruiters on the whole they are full of irrelevant CVs that no-one can possibly recruit from and we don’t think they help employers or job seekers, particularly at qualified Solicitor level. We have tried out a number of these services over the years including most of the larger job boards and I don’t think we have ever recruited from one of these banks. And we have been trading for 20 years. Do you really want anyone and everyone to be able to view your CV and all your personal data? We do however provide a free Job Alert service and you can register for this.

What Types of Vacancies can we post to the site?

You can post Solicitor, Legal Executive, Paralegal, Fee Earner, Law Firm Director, Legal Cashier, Practice Manager and In House Legal Counsel roles to the site, as well as any other legally related jobs you want to advertise.

Do you offer Unlimited Posting Contracts?

No – we have a very simple charging system and a special offer for 2019 – £49.99 per vacancy without time limit. Click here to post your job immediately.

How Does The Payment Process Work?

Simply complete the online form to give us details of your job, click the button and you will be transferred to the Paypal website to make payment. Once this has been done your vacancy goes live.

How Secure is your Website

We hope it is secure as it needs to be. Any candidates applying for jobs get their CVs and applications automatically sent to the employer by email. No personal details are stored on our systems separately to this. The site has an SSL certificate in place.

What is the Ten Percent Group

Have a look at us – We have been trading since April 2000 and have a range of businesses including legal recruitment consultancies and transcription.

Why would I want to advertise a vacancy with a job board owned by a recruitment agency?

Why not? You get direct access to candidates, we don’t edit or filter any applicants – all enquiries are forwarded directly to the employers and our legal recruitment business does not get involved. Ten Percent Legal Recruitment has been around for a very long time and we have owned & operated Chancery Lane as a separate business since 2004.

What is the Ten Percent Foundation?

This is what drives our business and makes us different from the rest. All companies and businesses in the Ten Percent Group donate 10% of net profits to charity. Simple. No ifs, no buts, although we do reserve the right to donate less in difficult years (we managed to donate 10% even through the recession, although we did have to owe some for a few weeks here and there! Read all about the Ten Percent Foundation at

How do we access recruitment agency services rather than just job posting?

Just visit for all locum and permanent recruitment in the legal profession – reasonable fees guaranteed.